Baby Bath Fragrance-Free Certified Organic

Baby Bath Fragrance-Free Certified Organic

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Baby Bath Fragrance-Free Certified Organic

A wonderful Australian Certified Organic baby bath that is soap for the bathwater and sulfate-free.

Specifically designed to deliver the most gentle and enjoyable bath for your baby.  Also formulated to soothe and prepare your little one for a restful sleep.

Directions: Simply add a small amount to bath water and swirl gently when filling the bath.


KidsBliss is an organic and natural personal care range formulated with organic,, cold pressed oils, plant extracts and distilled essential oils, all selected specifically for children's, babies, and moms delicate skin and belongings.


Products are : Natural and organic, Cruelty free and vegan friendly , Grey water safe, Biodegradable, Recycled responsibly and Non-toxic.

With NO  Petrochemicals, Parabens,  SLS SLES, Silicone, Artificial fragrance and colors.

Kidsbliss Bath Shampoo Fragrance Free Certified Organic