About Us

Lovingly Organics PH - Samurai Tees - Omphalodes Blue with Glacier Grey Trim

It's your classic story about a "first baby" and a search for pure,  natural and stylish clothing that kept Baby comfortable on the inside while maintaining Mommy's International and Uber chic style on the outside. This little story's "Star" Is A First Born beautiful little girl named Khaleesis. 

The first steps of this quest to find "Stand-Apart" Style made in the purist fabrics with the highest quality for both boys and girls started in the Spring of 2012.

An absolute need to protect Khaleesis from exposure to chemicals became paramount. And the search for a brand that exudes the healthy and back to basics lifestyle that Mommy had been slowly incorporated into her new world turned to be very difficult. 

It was clear that just "wishing" for this type of wardrobe and clothing brand would not make it manifest on its own;  and so the project was born. 

Lovingly Organics is a clothing company created by the pure inspiration from mother to child.  

Creating new looks with a modern touch and an heirloom feel,  we pick the softest fabrics, and pay attention to detail.  We love French seams,  beautiful hems, delicate embroideries and careful clean touches without too much fuss.  All the while, focusing on  manufacturing methods that do not completely use up or destroy natural resources, while creating quality clothing you can wear with confidence.

We know that making small differences add up to lasting change.