7 Ways to Design an Eco-Friendly Baby Nursery

Eco Friendly Children's Nursery

When you’re planning your nursery and you want it to be eco-friendly and not break the budget, think minimalism. In addition, think "recycle, reuse, and reduce". Then just get rid of anything that is dangerous such as plastics, fire retardants, and so forth. After that, you’ll be able to create a functional and beautiful nursery that is eco-friendly and safe for your baby.

* Use Repurposed Furniture – You don’t need a special dresser or a changing table. Instead, get the right height dresser and refinish it to be the colors you want for your baby’s nursery. You can even add a ledge around the top of the dresser using wood and some glue so that you can use the top as a changing table.

* Make It with Recycled Wood – If you’re going to make anything for your baby’s nursery, use recycled wood. You can often find good wood to use at the Restore or that is being used already in a different form. Don’t be afraid to take something apart, clean it up, and put it back together differently.

* Buy a Handmade Crib – Buying a used crib is a good choice if you can find one that meets all your requirements. But likely someone local to you makes homemade wood cribs that are safe and work great. A solid wood crib made properly can be very safe for your baby.

* Go Organic – Any materials you use, including shades, curtains, mobiles and so forth should be made with organic materials to avoid additives that can set off gases that are dangerous to you and your baby.

* Use Low VOC Paint – Today you can buy zero VOC paints that are antimicrobial to keep mold at bay. This is the type of paint you want to use. Paint with fewer pigments is also safer, so choose lighter colors over darker colors.

* Get Eco-Friendly Rugs – Some rugs contain fire retardants and other problems, especially used ones. Therefore, when you do buy a rug, try to find an organic eco-friendly one that doesn’t have materials that are dangerous to the environment or your baby. The baby may be on the floor with it, and it may also release gases into the room from the glue or fabric.

* Buy Natural Organic Bedding – There are many choices for safe natural bedding that are cotton, flannel, or made with other natural fibers. Find out how they make them to discover how much water they use, what they do with the waste water, and how long they last. You want to buy bedding that is safe and lasts so it won’t have to be replaced.

* Only Buy What You Need – It’s easy to get carried away. But the truth is, you don’t need much in your baby’s room. They need a crib, it’s nice to have a rocker, and a dresser that can double as a changing table to save your back. Plus, it’s nice to have blackout curtains or shades. Other than comfortable bedding, that’s really all you need.

Creating an eco-friendly nursery is all about using fewer materials, natural materials, and reusing materials. This will make your nursery both safe and beautiful, because it’s much easier to keep a room clean when there are fewer things in there.