7 Tips for Finding Eco-Friendly Baby Toys

Eco friendly baby toys

As we learn more about the environment and the health of our children, it becomes apparent that there are better ways to do things.This includes buying toys. We can buy eco-friendly toys that don’t harm the environment or at least minimize environmental impact. Yet, we don't have to sacrifice playtime in the process. Below we're including the 7 best tips to help you find eco-friendly baby toys. 

List of Eco-Friendly Baby Toys Sourcing

Find PVC-Free Toys

It’s amazing, but a lot of plastic toys are not good for your kids or the environment. Basically, if it’s made from plastic it is not really that safe. Try to avoid PVC products, especially those with BPAs as they can be cancer causing. But even regular plastic exposes kids to phthalates which can also cause cancer. Plus, they’re near impossible to recycle.

Avoid Toys with Lead

Unfortunately, many manufacturers in China have been found to use products that have lead in them - including children’s toys. It’s best to avoid anything with lead in it because kids put everything in their mouths. Many of our children have a lot of lead in their system, which can cause serious learning problems.

Pay Attention to VOCs

Volatile organic compounds are present in a lot of things that we use, including some kids’ toys. It’s found in paint, colors used for toys, and more. They set off a noxious gas that you cannot smell but can cause serious health problems.

Go Wood

The safest toy material is wood. You can still find good old-fashioned wooden toys that are well finished, don’t cause splinters, and don’t have a lot of paint on them. Train sets, blocks, and more can be found in all-natural wood toys.

Buy Organic Plush Toys

For smaller children, you may want to buy organic plush toys made from low water organic cotton or hemp fabrics. Watch out for any toy (or clothing item) made with fire retardants, which are very dangerous and can cause cancer.

Avoid Toys with Batteries

Most small children really don’t need toys that have batteries. You want to encourage their imaginations and help them learn about the world without screens and batteries. But, the real issue is that batteries contain toxic materials. They have mercury, lead, and lithium in them and they’re not only a hazard to your kids but also to the environment. Go low tech to be safe.

Buy Local

Toys cost a lot to make and ship. You can avoid that by buying from local toy makers who make wooden toys. You’ll order them, they’ll make them, and then you pick them up locally, which makes a huge difference in how you affect the environment.

When you are buying toys for your baby, especially if you buy used, plastic or painted toys, do a little extra research to ensure that they don’t contain PVC, lead, or VOCs. Choose the most naturally-produced toys you can afford. Not only are those types of toys better for the environment, they’re better for your children too.


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Top 7 Tips for Finding Eco Friendly Toys