Top 10 Organic Clothing Brands for Babies + Honorable Mentions

top 10 organic baby clothing brands

Like form most mothers and fathers, we only want our children, Especially our newborn babies to have the best of the best. But unfortunately, the majority of clothes available today can contain irritating fabric materials. This includes baby clothing that with cheap cotton grown with pesticides and artificial coloring chemicals. The good news is that there are naturally made fabrics and organic clothes for babies soft, delicate skin.

Below is a list of 10 trustworthy clothing lines for organic baby clothing, large and small businesses included.


Colored Organics

Colored Organics

This company is one of a kind because it all of there organic clothing is ethically made. This means that all of their clothing is made by people that are paid fairly, and do not pay them for cheap labor. The people that make the clothing are fairly paid, while you and your baby get to enjoy healthy, non-irritant clothing.



LovedBaby is a cute little shop that would be great for mothers to visit when pregnant and want to preshop for their upcoming baby. All of their fabric material is made with organic cotton all year long that is 100% pure. This brands clothing is also ethically sourced, so Everything is done with love for workers and buyers.

Monica and Andy

Monica and Andy

If you are shopping for baby shower gift, then this brand is a great idea to start with. They not online have an online baby store, but the have tons of shops in-store that you can go inside and see for yourself how soft and smooth there clothing material is. Monica and Andy also have organic baby blankets if your looking for more that just clothing.

Baby Kenza

Baby Kenza Clothing

Organic clothes for babies is Baby Kenza’s top priority and every single piece of clothing that they sell is 100% natural. Not only do they have organic clothing for infants, but they also have Scarves for pregnant women expecting. So if mommy wants to match her baby, they can both share the natural natural benefits of Baby Kenzas Clothing!

Hanna Andersson

Hanna Anderson Organic Clothing
Hanna Andersson is a very unique website and one of the best available because it supplies organic clothing for baby boys, girls and organic clothing for kids that are not Infants. They make clothing that is organic for all kids ages 0-14yrs old! This way you don't have to worry about your baby not having anymore organic clothing.

Giggle Better Basics

Giggle Better Basics

When you want your baby to giggle and be happy, Giggle Better Basics makes clothing that will keep your baby comfortable enough to giggle. They are a small business corporation, but they still provide top quality clothing for your baby.


Baby Soy USA

Babysoy is one of the most sophisticated unique baby stores online, because they make their clothing with plant based soy. This means that all of tere clothing is vegan and also eco friendly. When buying from Babysoy, you are doing your baby a favor, you a favor and the environment a favor.

Finn and Emma

Finn and Emma Organic Clothing

This is another brand that makes organic clothing for kids and babies, and is of course 100% organically grown. Finn and Emma Brand also makes toys for children like organic cotton dolls. It is also a great pick for baby shower shoppers or kids birthday parties that want to give a baby shower or kids birthday gift.

Sapling Organics

Sapling Organics
There is no need to worry about your location in the world if you want to purchase clothing for your baby at Sapling. This company is international and can ship there clothing to in almost every country. They use healthy dyes that do not consists of harsh chemicals irritating your babies skin.

Lovingly Organics 

Lovingly Organics Organic Baby Clothes for Boys

Of course we can't forget Lovingly Organics . Our company is based in the USA and avid lovers of organic clothing.All pieces created by Lovingly Organics is thoughtfully inspired. Our goal to help the world create and wear fashionable clothing that is truly comfortable, sustainnably sourced, and fashion forward.  Because there's absolutely no reason why we can't look good while also caring for the world we live in. 

As promised we also wanted to include honorable mentions so you never run out of great places to shop for baby. Our honorable mentions include. 

1.The Elephant Organics
2.Touched By Nature
3. EcoBear Gear
4. Beya Made
5. Art& Eden
6. Under The Nile
7. Kyte Baby
8. Oliver & Rain
9. Boden
10.Gerber Organic Baby Clothing

We Hope You Enjoyed This Post. Let us know if you have a favorite organic baby clothing brand!