10 Benefits of Organic Baby Clothes

Benefits of Organic Baby Clothing

Oh, the comforting smell of gentle lavender, and the feel of tender silky smoothness. A baby's skin is thinner and porous making it more susceptible to chemicals that they may come into contact with. And as parents, you know that the most delicate thing is your baby's skin. With diaper, food, and a whole slew of incidents throughout the day, your baby's skin constantly comes in contact with many types of different materials. So why not protect your baby's skin?

Organic clothing, which is natural and non-irritating, and includes wool, cotton, flannel, jute, silk, and ramie, can reduce the absorption of harmful chemicals into a baby's delicate skin. With the same benefits of conventional clothing, organic baby clothes eliminate the effects of dangerous chemicals that cause serious health issues, which in turn is beneficial for both baby and parent. Wondering why you should choose organic baby clothes? Below are major benefits of organic baby clothes:

Comfort for Babies

Organic baby clothes for boys and organic baby clothes for toddlers are perfect because they are the most active and the clothing is made up of materials, that can help keep a natural temperature and adjust to conditions in any environment, which prevents breakouts.

Less moisture and More Ventilation

Once again, organic baby clothes for boys and organic baby clothes for toddlers are important because the clothes can provide ventilation and combat moisture which eliminates heat and sweat. The clothing contains small gaps that introduce coolness, and also provide insulation in the winter, which provides warmth.

Non-toxic Dyes or Chemicals

Although strange, color can also be an honest indication if something is organic. Organic materials are limited in color because they are natural and often do not display bright or colorful tones. Dye options are very limited with anything organic unless it is derived from something natural, such as beets, thus eliminating toxic dyes and chemicals.

Less Likely to Cause an Environmental Impact

Benefits of organic baby clothing provide eco-friendly solutions. Organic clothing never uses GMOs and never puts any stress on the environment because it does not use fungicides and uses natural methods such as crop rotation in detoxifying the land that is used to grow natural materials. Because of the lack of harmful chemicals and fungicides, no insects or animals in the area are harmed. So in turn, you are protecting mother nature as well as your baby.

Gentle and Soft Material

Organic clothes are some of the gentlest of fabrics. They are very soft to the touch, which provides comfort for your baby. Organic clothing can maintain its softness which makes it perfect for dressing your baby and leaves you feeling confident that you are clothing your baby in the very best.

Great Durability

With a baby in the house, we know that you'll be doing a lot of washing. With keeping that in mind, it is important to know that organic clothing can last a long time without wearing down and can withstand multiple washes. Organic clothing gives extended wear which gives you more for your money, unlike conventional clothing.

More Availability

Organic clothing has now become more steadily available than in the past. With more people discovering its safe and healthier benefits, and beginning to choose it over conventional clothing, it is becoming much easier to find. This allows room for many options which were not available before.

Grown Pesticide-free

The final product of organic clothing first starts with the care during growth. That means that pesticide-free is important in the outcome of the final product. Manual weed remover and crop rotation are important steps taken to produce organic clothing. Eliminating pesticides protect the environment by preventing harmful chemicals and dangerous runoff into water or ground in the growth area.

No Irritation

Unlike conventional baby clothing, organic clothing, does not cause irritation to a baby's skin by using additives or chemicals. Organic clothing prevents rashes and breakouts because of the lack of chemicals in the fabric. This is extremely important because some baby skin is more sensitive than others. It is best to protect the baby's skin to prevent such occurrences.

Protecting the Environment

Reducing the amount of chemicals released into the environment is very important. This includes having a safe work environment for employees that work with organic products. Chemical-free environments are safe not only for mother nature, but also those who work around her which benefits everyone.

The benefits of organic baby clothes and products is a healthy and important decision. The switch can benefit you, your baby, and mother nature. Making small changes makes a difference in all our lives, as well as giving your baby the ultimate protection and comfort. Small strides can help you join the organic wave.