5 Ecofriendly Baby Shower Planning Tips

Eco Friendly Baby Shower Planning Tips

Planning an Eco-Friendly Baby Shower 

A million things come to mind when parents-to-be first here they will be welcoming a bundle of joy into their lives in 9 short months. Fortunately, baby showers are usually hosted in the 3rd or 4th trimester, closer to the end of a mother's pregnancy. This gives family and friends a good bit of time to ruminate over baby shower details. 

Personally, baby showers are a right of passage for parents to be. This is certainly a memory I have carried with me and my children as they've grown older.  However, just like any other party, a baby shower requires careful planning. If you the parents to be live a sustainable lifestyle it may be a good idea to host an ecofriendly party. This type of party requires a bit more conscious effort :) But have no fear as we'll be sharing 5 helpful tips plus an awesome checklist you can take away after reading. 

So without further adieu lets dive into these 5 ecofriendly baby shower planning tips. 

Tip 1 - Select an Eco-Friendly Location for Your Baby Shower

Typically baby showers are hosted at either the parent's residence or host residence. However, it's not uncommon to select a venue outside the residential district, especially in urban environments. If not hosted in a residential area select a venue that prides itself on being an eco-friendly establishment. 

If the baby shower is hosted at a residence opt for a Garden party or outdoor setting to reduce the party's energy footprint. Understandably the weather may not always permit for outdoor entertainment. In such cases no worries as there are many ways to transform an indoor party into an ecofriendly soiree. 

Tip 2 - Use Eco-Friendly Decor 

As mentioned above hosting an outdoor celebration may not always be possible. However, there are many different ways to think green when hosting a baby shower. For example, selecting biodegradable or green decor is an excellent options. 

So examples of eco-friendly baby shower decor include: 

  • Biodegradable tissue confetti 
  • Recycled paper giftbags 
  • felt gift bags 
  • felt centerpieces
  • and much more

Taking this a step further we found some cool examples of Eco-Friendly baby shower decor. 

Eco-Friendy Decor Examples

Below is an Example of Recycle Party Bags which include hand-drawn art. This is definitely a eco-chic option any mama can't help but love. 

Ecofriendly Baby Shower Decor

Biodegrable Confetti Tissue is also another colorful option for eco-friendly events. 

Biodegradable confetti tissue


Another super cute addition to any table are these recycled handcut paper stars. 

Recycled Handcut Paper Stars

Tip 3 - Select Locally Sourced Menu Items 

Select locally sourced food items to reduce the footprint of your party menu. If possible find a collaborative way to prepare food items. For example, have a menu and favor prep gathering or hire a single catering company to prepare the entire menu. The key here is to think about ways to optimize the amount of energy consumed by preparing the baby shower menu. 

Tip 4 - Feature Eco-friendly Activities 

Contrary to what most people believe, a baby shower is not only limited to mingling around, gift giving, eating and drinking. Fun games may also be included, such as charades, or those which will bring back the guestsí childhood memories. Remember that the main point is to make sure everyone will have a good time, and various games will surely liven up the event.

Tip 5 - Send Evites or Recycled Paper Invites 

Instead of sending physical invites opt for customized Evites. The great thing about this customized invites is how easy and ecofriendly it will be to also send a custom thank you in return. If you want to take this to the next level you can also create an online party board where guests can upload their photos and videos 

If you prefer to send invitations via mail opt for recycle of handmade baby shower invitations which are readily available online and instores. 

Download and Pin Our EcoFriendly Baby Shower Checklist 

Planning an ecofriendly baby shower checklist


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